About Us

The Tree and Sea project has been in the works for a little while, and has finally been brought into fruition solely off the funding of the owners.
The Tree and Sea is run by a small but passionate group of individuals who have a goal to do their part in helping the world move towards a greener and cleaner future.
With every purchase made with Tree and Sea, a percentage of the sale (In most cases 10% of profits) is donated towards some of the most important projects in cleaning of the oceans, replanting of the forests, and the conservation of animals. Please note that the percent we donate is subject to change based on operational costs and paying our lovely employees. We aim to donate as much as we can afford to, while keeping everything running smoothly :)
This is our only planet, and it is time that we as humans rise up TOGETHER and take responsibility for our presence here. Let’s get to work!
Organizations We Donate To:
The Nature Conservancy
World Wide Fund for Nature
Ocean Conservancy
and More
If you have any suggestions on great projects we should turn our attention to, please feel free to contact us below! 
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